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What is consignment? And does Brides to Be purchase gowns?
Consignment is not rental or discount! Brides to Be acts as an agent for individuals and bridal shops to sell merchandise at less than full retail. We have a vast sampling of today's styles which can be purchased off the rack.  We carry high quality and high end gowns and 85% of our inventory is brand-new, recently discontinued samples from boutiques all over the United States. 


We do not purchase items from owners. Sellers are paid once the item is sold. See Services and Hours for more consigning details and feel free to call us for additional information.


Do I need an appointment?
No. Come at your convenience.


What size wedding gowns to you carry?
Size 2 to size 28.

Do you provide alterations, and is there a charge?
Yes. We have three seamstresses available at Brides to Be.  There is a charge based on what is needed. Individual estimates are given.

Do you have a hold policy?  If so, how does it work?

We have a 24-hour free hold or a seven day “official” hold for 5% of retail price.  The 5% is used towards the cost of gown or store credit.  The gown is unavailable to any other bride during this period.

Do you have layaway?
Yes. A deposit is required and a monthly payment plan is available.

What is the price range of your wedding gowns?
Our prices are significantly less than full retail. Our prices range from $200 up to $3,000.

Do you order wedding gowns?
Occasionally, as the need arises, we order from two selected companies. These companies offer a full size range and very prompt service.

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